We offer Admission into these stages:

Our nursery section comprises of the:
- Creche
- Discoverers...  
- Nursery 1, Nursery 2 and Nursery 3 classes.               

In our Nursery Section, we define our scheme of teaching from two major...

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The Primary section comprises of:
- Key Stage One which are the Year one and Year two classes.

- Key Stage Two...

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The college section comprises of:   
Key stage 3 which are the Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9 classes.
(JS1 - JS3)

Key Stage 4 which are the
 -Year 10,
 -Year 11, and
 -Year 12 classes(SS1 - SS3).

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1-6, Pedrisi Street,
off Mobil Road, Ogoyo,
Lekki Expressway.


Email: info@pedrisischools.com
+234(0)81 3865 8422 +234(0)80 2440 6560
+234(0)80 9056 7780

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