We are a school that provides happy, caring and stimulating learning environment in which all pupils in our care can develop mentally, morally, spiritually and academically as critical thinkers who can excel in diverse global environment.
We help build their self-esteem to ensure our children reach their full potential. 
At Pedrisi, we provide a broad and balanced education for all pupils in our care, nurturing them on Christian principles to cultivate high moral and ethical values. 
Our buildings are purpose built for the Nursery, Primary, and College sections with every care taken; to ensure a vibrant, safe and state-of-art environment for all our pupils.
Classrooms are fully equipped with up-to-date resources and technology and are fully air-conditioned. We have well equipped I.C.T laboratories with interactive whiteboards and internet connections.
The school also provides bus services to convey pupils to and from school.
We have school halls, playgrounds, multi-purpose sports pitch, library, music room and all other facilities necessary for instruction and learning, including a 100 K.V.A standby generating set.

What makes US different?

We show love to all our children while providing them with broad and balanced education.

We nurture them on Christian principles to cultivate high moral and ethical values that when they grow up, they will not depart from those values they have imbibed.

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1-6, Pedrisi Street,
off Mobil Road, Ogoyo,
Lekki Expressway.


Email: info@pedrisischools.com
+234(0)81 3865 8422 +234(0)80 2440 6560
+234(0)80 9056 7780

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